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Why Jesus is the Way

These forty posts document the many reasons why I believe in Jesus' existence and the message that He proclaimed when He walked on Earth over 2000 years ago.

St. Paul said he "was not ashamed of the Gospel"[1] and Jesus said that whoever disowns Him before men, He will disown before His Father in Heaven[2]. These verses made me question if my Faith is alive and kicking if I never tell anyone the reasons I have for believing in the truth of Christianity[3]. Will these posts, providing reasonable grounds for belief, be enough to be counted amongst the "sheep" rather than the "goats" on the Day of Judgment[4]?

This leads onto a crucial point about Jesus -- it is through His Grace that we are saved, not by our own good works so that no one can boast[5]. I don't have to earn my way to salvation. I don't have to prove by my deeds that I am righteous enough for Christ to accept me. This is seriously good news and not found in any other religion -- this underserved kindness and generosity of God giving us the gift of Eternal Life. However, in the Bible we are reminded that "faith without works is dead"[6]. If I keep this good news to myself, how can I claim to love those around me?[7]

Being saved by Grace to do good deeds seems like a paradox. Yet these good works don't add anything to your salvation as only Jesus' sacrifice on the cross can open up the way to Eternal Life. Instead, it proves that your Faith is genuine. You should expect to see transformation in lives touched by the living God. You should expect to see followers of the God of love exhibiting that same love to His creation. So this website is my attempt to lay it all out there. If Christianity is true, it offers incredible news for every single individual. No one is excluded. It's too good to keep to myself any longer.

I have researched Atheism; various World Religions; Quantum Physics; Big Bang Cosmology and Evolutionary Psychology. I have left no stone unturned to scrutinise Christianity to the best of my ability and have found that it provides logical, historical and evidential reasons for its Truth claims compared to other worldviews. I wanted to sum up what I have learnt in 40 digestible posts that you can work through at your own pace. Throughout my explorations I realised that spending each day with Jesus is the best way to live[8]. I no longer had to worry that I was believing a fairy-tale or a wish-fulfilment fantasy because I had examined my beliefs thoroughly and became convinced of the conclusions I reached. Maybe my discoveries will help others who are searching.

When I watched Hamilton the Musical, I was struck by the line "have I done enough?" sung by Eliza after all her amazing deeds were narrated, for example founding orphanages. This same theme impacted me in Schindler's List. Schindler is wracked with guilt for keeping his car rather than selling it to pay for even more Jews to be rescued during the Holocaust. Schindler says to himself, "I didn't do enough!"

I am saved by Grace, but I don't want Jesus to be ashamed of me when I see Him face to face. I don't want Him to conclude that I was the timid, fearful servant, who buried her one talent in the ground for safe keeping[9] instead of declaring what has been entrusted to me from the rooftops. I want to hear Jesus say "well done, good and faithful servant"[10] for not keeping this message to myself. This site is a small step forward in that direction.

Richard Wurmbrand (a Christian who was tortured in Romania during the Soviet Union because of his beliefs) told of how a man called Christian Wolfkes prayed consistently for two years of his life to be able to convert a Jew before he died. God directed Richard Wurmbrand to Christian's village and the rest as they say is history. Maybe you are that one person I have been praying for to stumble upon this site and meet Jesus for the first time (or return back to Him). If so, you are most welcome.

These posts provide what I consider to be the strongest reasons to believe in Jesus Christ as "the Way, the Truth and the Life"[10]. Try and empty yourself of all preconceived opinions and persevere with the entirety of the argument - even if it takes you many sittings to get to post forty. If you are not convinced by the end of the journey then fair enough -- I'll just be so thankful that you were open-minded enough to hear what I've got to say.


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